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It is now generally accepted that digitization offers a wide range of potentials for protecting or developing the performance of companies. But does digitization have to be complex? Not at all! Digitization, well done, is simple; that is our conclusion and our experience. Since 2004, abilex has been dealing with digitalization in sales, marketing and service. We understand digital transformation holistically and accompany our customers step by step. In doing so, we make sure that the change is handled in such a way that the company and the people are not overwhelmed. As a reliable partner, we support you in finding the way that best suits your company to further develop established business models and to open up digital opportunities and channels. From consulting to technology implementation and process adaptation to operation: regionally, nationally, internationally – in other words, holistically.

Everything we do is designed to generate added value for our customers. We count multinational corporations, start-ups, and above all medium-sized companies among our customers. They find what is important to them at abilex: competence, reliability, pragmatism and flexibility. We are interested in long-term partnerships with our customers and, as an owner-managed company with regional ties, we act on an eye-to-eye level with them in many aspects

Successfully implemented digitization projects for our customers
Years of experience in the digitalization of sales, marketing + service
Motivated employees with a passion for innovation and digitization

Our Corporate values

Sustainability @ abilex

Companies can bring positive contributions to society, also in terms of sustainability. We are convinced of this, which is why we take a committed and proactive approach to even the smallest things.

Want to see some examples? Here you go! Waste separation, obligatory for us since years. The same applies to the provision of treated tap water or capsule-free coffee machines. As a company committed to digitalization, abilex no longer has any printed marketing material (with the exception of business cards). Public transport use is encouraged. We avoid business trips whenever possible and implement our projects remotely. By the way, this works much better than some (customers) had expected. Whenever it makes sense, video conferencing and mobil office are standard. Our WEB presence is climate neutral and the emissions caused by mobility are compensated. By the way, our fleet already consists of more than 40% electric and hybrid vehicles. And bicycles!

We are doing many things, but we are still not perfect. This is something we are aware of and that is why we are working together to continuously improve in the area of sustainability.


Corporate social responsibility

abilex is not only a economic entity, but also considers itself to be an active part of society. Based on this understanding of ourselves, we are committed to being active corporate citizens.. We live integration, promote charitable organizations, support local initiatives and thus practice responsible action.

Together for Diversity

Together against Leukemia