Digitization – But simple!

Digitization has to be simple – we are convinced of that. And it has to be so if digitization is be accepted. Benefits for users and companies so as simplification of processes should always be in first place. Of course, digitization changes a company, but that should not be an obstacle. On its contrary, change creates new opportunities. Benefiting from this doesn’t have to be the preserve of global players; small and medium-sized businesses should also seize the opportunity.

So get started! Step by step. With well-defined business goals, a good plan, a pragmatic approach and an experienced partner at your side, the transformation will be successful. abilex will assist you with know-how, best practices and a good common sense.

In this context: Let’s go digital – but simple!

Our expertise 

More and more companies are realizing that digitization is inevitable. Digital business models and processes are mapped in digital architectures and the individual components of these architectures must work together seamlessly to fit perfectly with a company’s individual business model and support the business processes end-to-end. 

We have extensive knowledge and the experience to design and combine the individual components in such a way that the digital transformation in sales, marketing and service of our customers will be successful. 





Marketing Automation







Our services

Our services are comprehensive. We support our customers as a true partner in all steps of the digital transformation, accompany the entire process and align our cooperation individually to the initial situation and the challenges of our customers.


Digitization requires technologieswe use them to implement solutions for our customers that are scalable, future-oriented and so sustainable. In doing so, we are convinced that we are driving a “cloud firststrategy. In order to create the best and most innovative conditions for convincing results, we work closely with a number of best-in-class technology providers.